Saturday, 20 June 2015

Euphorbia Milii Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The nursery section of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens has a vast collection for plants and flowers. These beautiful Euphorbia Milli flowers were captured in Lalbagh Gardens.

Euphorbia Milii Flower, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Photography: SaravanaKumar - 2015-16

Euphorbia Milii Flower, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Photography: SaravanaKumar - 2015-16
Euphorbia Milii plant is also known as Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant and Christ Thorn. I have an article published in my wordpress Blog about the Euphorbia Milii. 

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Macro Photography in Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is indeed a paradise for photographers. For photographers, this is the place to test their skills and practice.
Practicing Macro Photography in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Photography by Saravana Kumar - 2015-16

I came across this guy who was practicing Macro Photography in Cubbon Park. 

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14 years old Golden Retriever

This is a Golden Retriever, 14 years old. I photographed him in Cubbon Park, Bangalore.
Golden Retriever - 14 years old - Photography by Saravana Kumar, Loc: Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Thought 14 years old, he still looks cute. I saw him in Cubbon Park on 20th June 2015
Golden Retriever - known to be very friendly
Golden retrievers are said to be very friendly and harmless if left alone. 

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Friday, 17 April 2015

The Masala Idli

One of the safest foods consumed in south India is Idli. Let me know if this statement is conflicting. In Tamil Nadu, most of the households prepare idli on a daily basis. The best part is, Idli is complimented with varieties of chutneys ranging from coconut chutney, tomato chutney, onion chutney and of course sambar if one wishes. You get the best idli’s in some restaurants of Karnataka also. I never ate idli in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala so I can’t comment.
Masala Idli
Masala Idli made out of ID batter

 The Masala Idli

Preparing idly becomes easier with the experience. It requires proper planning and skill to prepare the perfect idli for the family. Today it has become easier to prepare idli, say thanks to readymade idli batter.
Masala Idli & Paniyaram with Pudina Chutney

What you see in the image is a Masala Idli made using ID idli batter with more home ingredients going into it. Did you see my Idli gallery?

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Plumeria Pudica from Lalbagh Gardens

Two images of Plumeria Pudica from Lalbagh

Plumeria Pudica
Plumeria Pudica 
These beautiful images of Plumeria Pudica were captured in a nursery in Lalbagh Gardens, Bengaluru. The Plumeria Pudica is known in many names - Bridal Bouquet, White Frangipani, Fiddle Leaf Plumeria, Wild Plumeria, Bonairian Oleander and Naag Champa (in Bengali).

The Plumeria Pudica plant has un-usually spoon shaped leaves
The Plumeria Pudica plant has a un-usually spoon shaped leaves. The white flower has yellow ring in the center. 
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

The thorny Euphorbia Milii plant

The Euphorbia Milii plant and the beautiful flower

Euphorbia Milii
Euphorbia Milii Flower 

This beautiful flower belongs to the Euphorbia Milii plant. This plant is also known as the Crown of thorns, Christ plant and Christ thorn. You will know why it is named like it when you see the second photograph.

Euphorbia Milii
Euphorbia Milii Stem 
The Euphorbia Milii is native to Madagascar, the plant is named after Boron Milius who was the governor of Bourbn (Reunion). He introduced the plant to France in 1821. 

Courtesy: The Flower Category of Indian Photo Blog.
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Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob near Cubbon Park

Corn food seems to be a secret desire for most of us. Enter KFC for the delicious corn of the cob which they are offering since many years. But if your plan is only corn on the cob and not that bucket chicken, it isn’t feasible!

Grilled Corn
Corn on the cob - Cubbon Park
Here in Bangalore, burnt or boiled corn is available in almost all the places. Only thing you have to do is to find out if it is hygienic or not and if the food will act well in your stomach and intestines.  

Corn on the cob
Corn on the cob, Indian Style
The Cubbon Park in Bangalore is not only a green space but also a food space or rather a street food space. Get your corn on the cob here, burnt and spiced up with lemon and chilli powder. 

More images in Indian Photo Blog
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